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My Perfect Summer Day

Blog Prompt – July 9, 2008: Describe your perfect summer day?

Hmmm…. perfect summer day?  One that isn’t too hot, and by that I mean one below 30°c.

I hate hot weather and it hates me as well.  From the year we landed in Australia I have had problems handly the weather here.  That first summer, as soon as the heat got above the magic thirty, I ended up passed out in the middle of Main Street.

If the weather is mild, I will enjoy the day and be able to function – housework, taking the kids out for the day, having fun.  But when it goes over, I’m stuffed.  The weather will give me a migraine and totally enervate me so I can’t do much more than flake out on the bed with the fan going.

So basically, any summer day below thirty degrees celsius is perfect for me.



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