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Best Friends?

Blog Prompt – August 14, 2008: Today is Best Friends Day. Who is your best friend and tell why?

I have never had a Best Friend in the traditional sense of the word.  Not someone I could confide in completely, about everything, or even someone I could say, yes – such and such is definitely my best friend.  I have more a variety of friends who I would consider I am very close to.  That I can call at a moments notice and just sit and blab to. 

The first is my eldest daughter.  She and I have had a very special relationship since she was fourteen – we are closer than any of her friends are with their parents.  We can discuss just about anything.  Some things my husband blocks his ears to, or leaves the room for, because he thinks there are things a father (or mother) just shouldn’t discuss with their child.  But Mel and I do.

My second is my mum.  I can discuss a lot of things with her, more so now than when I was younger.  She still see’s me as her child, but no longer a little girl.  Mum would do anything to help me and she knows if its in my power – I will do anything for her as well.  We socialise together too.  And some of my friends have adopted her as their surrogate mother and grandmother. 

I guess with those two alone I can consider myself blessed.

Then the thrid and fourth I can’t place in any particular order, Vicki and Michelle are equally as close to me.  I’ve known Michelle for almost ten years, she has seen me through a lot of things – we go to the gym together and have gotten drunk together on occasion, as well as making friends with people online together. Whereas Vicki I only met three years ago, through Scrapbooking.  She owns the local scrapbooking store and I occasionally worked for her on Demo Days, as well as teach card classes for her.  She and I are very alike in many ways – we can talk for hours and spend most Saturday nights chatting during crop nights.  (Mum will sit at the ned of the table oblivious to half of our conversations because she’s almost completely deaf.)  The three of us will sit companionably and scrap together.

Last, but definitely not least, is Sandy.  I have known Sandy since Melanie first started school sixteen years ago.  So long, and though we don’t see each other as frequently any more, she and I are still close enough to open up to each other about our trials and tribulations.

So, though I don’t have one particular best friend, I consider myself a lucky person, as I have five amazing women I can call friend.  Five women I am lucky to have in my life – and who help make me who I am.


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