Favourite Movie Genres

Blog Prompt – July 8, 2008: What kind of stories do you like best? Tear-jerkers? Happy endings? Unexpected twists? Or all of the above?

It all depends on what type of mood I am in when I sit down to watch a movie.  I can be in a romantic mood when the best movie to watch will be a tearjerker that leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy.  If I’m on edge, I like to watch a murder/mystery type movie where my thoughts can converge on solving the crime before the movie is halfway through.

I love romantic comedies, where the happy ending doesn’t necessarily leave you crying.  Warm and fuzzy, or on edge and puzzling out the ending, it doesn’t matter which, as long as the movie moves along nicely and entertains me.  I have eclectic tastes in movies and music – if the blurb hooks me, I’ll probably end up adding yet another movie to my list of favourites.



Given up hope…

Blog Prompt – June 30, 2008: What I last saw out of my living room window…

The last thing I saw out of my loungeroom window was the washing machine repairman as he backed out of the driveway.  It’s been six weeks since my washing machine died, even longer since I contacted Electrolux to find out if they would cover the repairs under warrantee. 

Today, finally, the guy arrived to make the repairs.  One problem – since the original problem occurred two months ago, the motor has finally packed in as well. So now, another wait, to find out if they will repair this further damage or if I have to pay for it and the repairs. 

I will never buy brand new again after this problem.  If I have to buy a new washing machine I will scour the shops until I can find a decent second hand one.  At least with them you only expect two years or so of use before having to be replaced.  I was expecting at least five years of use from a  brand new one, because I know that these days, no appliance is built to last.

My advice?

Never buy electrolux or westinghouse because their customer service is atrocious and their product sucks.


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Kinda Slide - Bobbie 1994This was the layout Bobbie threatened to get rid of last weekend when I brought it home from the ‘crop and shop’.  He refuses to look at his old baby photo’s – so typical for a boy his age I guess.  But he was soooo cute!

This page came together very quickly as well.  I love using buttons and such for little boy pages.   The papers and embellishments really suited the photo and colours.

Journalling reads:

Bobbie – Aged 3 – 1994 (he was actually only two)

We put you into daycare so that you and Aimee would have other kids to play with.

You stayed in daycare all the way thru to preschool, and some of the kids you went there with you still know now – almost 13 years later.

Journaling 2008

Easter Egg Hunt - 2008This was Cailee’s first Easter Egg Hunt, and we had it at Nanny Jackson’s (my mums) because we wanted to be able to put out the egg’s without fear the dog’s would find them before Cailee. 

Melanie wandered around the garden with her, and so did Nanny, Julie and I – me with camera in hand.  Cailee loved examining the garden beds for the eggs, and the Easter Bunny was crafty he also put the eggs up in the leaves of the plants, and even on the branches of the trees.  Nanny’s vegie patch was alive with Easter Eggs of all different colours.

She ended up with quite a haul of eggs and bunnies and little chocolate chicks.  The older kids remembered egg hunts around Nan and Grandad C’s house in Echuca years ago, and also searching for eggs after the Easter Bunny visited Nanny and Dar’s farm in Dargo many years ago.  This was Cailee’s first experience and I think these photo’s show it was a brilliant success.

Pages were scrapped last weekend at Paper2.

Bobbie - 1994Tonight I went out to scrap in the real world.  I had actually gone to organise my class for Tuesday but only had one student for the day so I cancelled the class.

I also had to enter the classes for next Term into the calendar, which I did.  I now have eleven classes next term, and because of the subject matter I should have relatively fll classes for the whole term.  Linda also asked me to add two more handbag classes to next term but on Saturdays instead as many can’t make classes during the week.  So I added two classes during August.

Because I couldn’t find my sketch pad tonight before I left I didn’t get to put together any of the samples for next terms classes, which is a pain, but I’ll have a god search for it tomorrow, it’s bound to turn up somewhere.

So instead of wasting the next hour or so that I had, I found Bobbie’s kinda album and decided to scrap another one of his photo’s from there.  This page came together very easily.  It took maybe ten minutes to find the cardstock (prisma), paper (can’t remember), ribbons (making memories) and buttons (unknown). 

I wanted to add journaling but the layout didn’t lend itself to a jounralling block, so I used Vicki’s suggestion and journaled around the edges of the photo.  Have to agree with Vicki, it really did soften the edges of the photo frame/mat.  I love the way the layout turned out, so quick and simple, but effective.

Journaling reads:

Another gorgeous photo taken at kindy.  You were such a terror but anyone looking at you wouldn’t think so because you had such an angelic face.  You haven’t changed much, have you?

 It was only when I scanned the photo I realised it really was crooked on the page, but then again as I keep having to remind my anal self, the pages don’t have to be perfect.  It’s the imperfections that make the pages unique and interesting.

I won’t be showing Bobbie this page, he didn’t like last weeks, and threatened to throw it out, so its a waste of time showing him this one – he’s a typical fifteen year old – doesn’t like to be reminded he was a little boy once.

Blog Prompt – June 6, 2008: Til we meet again.

Oh boy, what a prompt this one was, it took my breath away.  Things that have happened in the last few days tie in so well with this blog prompt.

I saw him last when I was seventeen, a few months before I joined the army.  He had come down to visit with one of his mates, it had been almost a year since I had seen him, and my heart skipped a beat when he walked into my work that night.  It was like when we had met the first time; I could feel my pulse quicken and my stomach fill with butterflies – but this time there was no chance of romance.  He was purely there for friendship, and I couldn’t pass that chance up either.

Then a couple of years ago I saw his name on the school friends reunited site and couldn’t resist contacting him.  He had never been far from my thoughts throughout the years.  He was the only boy who ever wrote poetry for me, the only boy who ever made me a tape of music – just for me.  And not just music from the radio, but melodies that he had composed himself, piano, trumpet, clarinet – the works.  I still have his poems and photos – we were so young.

And then the other night we talked again.  Over the net, we chatted for a couple of hours about kids, and family and how things had turned out for us both.  He hasn’t changed much, he still makes me laugh.  Our lives have gone on two different paths.

I will always have a special place in my heart for him, and now I think – I know – I still hold a special place in his.