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I’m waiting for dinner to finish cooking so that I can go and manually scrap tonight, but while I waited for the potatoes to cook, I decided to digi-scrap another page.

Hapy Happy Joy Joy

Journaling reads:

Since Gipsie died in April, you and Teaza have become the best of friends. You are inseparable whenever you’re home from day care. I’m not sure who misses who the most when you’re away for the day, because you both go crazy the minute you see each other again.

We thought it would take you both a while to get over the loss of Gipsie, but apart from the occasional question about when you will see her again, you spend all your time with your new best friend, and you fill in Teaza’s time and play with hm more than Gipsie did in the past year or so; so I’m sure he’s not missing his friend as much as he would if you weren’t here for him to play with.

Kit Credit:

Yellow Glurpee Add-On Pack
Created by Suzanne C. Walker © 2008 Suzanne C. Walker


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